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Can Mac Recycling Be a Passion?

February 21, 2011

Apple eMacs are ready for new homes.Updated 3/16/2011 to fix photo link.

Updated and edited from an earlier Tumblr post:

My Entrepreneurial Journalism class at the University of Maryland has a ton of passionate folks –  passionate about everything from Broadway plays to birding. Even the “Frat Lifestyle.” Me – I’m passionate about the causes I volunteer for. Thus the genesis for this blog:

  • My involvement with a group that works to help folks repair their Apple Macs as well as recycling Macintosh computers back into our community.

The recycling effort goes back  to the early 1980s when I purchased my first computer – an Apple /// (the first computer actually made by a company called Apple). Over the years, I worked with a computer users group called Washington Apple Pi — focusing on support for the ///, later serving on the Board of Directors. Finally, getting involved with what we called the “Tuesday Night Crew” that helped folks with sick Apples and Macs and also took in computers to recycle.

WAP as we called it, has suffered from a loss of membership over the years – primarily because computers have become such appliances that they are really no longer a hobby – folks don’t really want to open them up and see what makes them tick. So the TNC lost its space and began looking for a new home. And that’s how MacRecycleClinic was born! More on that in a later post.

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