The Mac Lab at SSUMC – Four Corners



MacLab Install at Marvin Church Silver Spring

One upgraded station at our Marvin Church MacLab. We now have G5 Towers with flat screen monitors.

Welcome to the MacRecycleClinic Mac Lab at the Four Corners Campus of Silver Spring UMC! The PowerMac G5s in this lab are easy to use and hand all the programs you’ll need to get your work done:

  1. Safari and Firefox Browsers;
  2. AppleWorks – Apple’s original word processor, spreadsheet and database program;
  3. Open Office – a freeware office suite that is compatible with Microsoft’s Office suite;
  4. iMovie – for editing videos;
  5. Other programs and utilities;
  6. Network printing


  1. Flash (Thumb) Drive to bring your work with you and save it as necessary;
    (Alternatively you can email files to yourself)
  2. External USB or Firewire 400 hard drive for videos or other large files.


  • FIRST OFF – If you have any questions, please ask your adult volunteer!
  • If the PowerMac in your assigned work station is not already on, locate the button on the front of the computer. Lightly touch the center of the button to get started.
  • Once the Mac is turned on, it will open directly to the student desktop – no password required.
  • If you have a thumb drive or external hard drive, now is the time to plug them in – there’s a USB port in the front of the tower.
  • Look for the panel of applications at the bottom. This is called the dock. Move your mouse cursor to the icon of the program you’d like to start and click ONCE on the icon in the dock to get it started. It may take a few moments so be patient.
  • Once a program is started – look at the top left of the application window. You’ll see three buttons. Red is to quit the application, yellow is to minimize the window and put it in the dock, and green is to maximize the window (make it take up the full screen).
  • To empty the trash, go to Finder (top left – next to the Apple icon) and select Empty Trash from the drop down window.
  • You know how to check your email – go your browser of choice and go to Google, Yahoo or other email client.
  • When you’re finished – save all your work to your flash drive, hard drive or send it to yourself using email. We will NOT KEEP anyone’s work on the computers so you MUST save your work to your thumb drive, hard drive or by email.
  • Quit all applications and empty the trash. You do NOT need to log out.
  • If instructed to shut down the computer, go under the Apple menu and click shut down.
  • Thank you! We hope you enjoyed working in the lab and that you’ll come back.

We used information from Jessa Schwitzer – East Buchanan Community SchoolTech Team – as the basis for this tutorial. Thank you!

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