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There Are Many Solutions To Remembering Passwords

January 12, 2019 Comments off

A password manager is something you must have these days to help remember all the passwords you accumulate with Apps and websites. This is true whether you have an older Mac/PC or a brand new one. It’s really a matter of protecting yourself and all your data.

There are other Apps that will work for both Macs and PCs and can be synced across all platforms, including mobile devices. On my Mac, phone and tablet, I use a program called Wallet by Acrylic Software ($).

Wallet Password App for Mac

But a quick Google search offers many more suggestions.

Note that most WILL cost you some money to purchase…

IF you don’t want to use an App, Amazon (as an example) offers a number of alternatives, including a separate “password vault” electronic device separate from your computer/phone:

Electronic Password Vault.

Prefer paper?

Password (paper) Book Organizer.

Your browser will also be more than happy to save passwords for you as well and automatically fill in the information for you. If you are squeemish about that, just turn it off:

Turn Off Autofill in Your Browser.

Hope this helps. Our world is so full of the need to keep things secure (as much as we can!) so having a secure App to help along the way is a good thing.

Other Resources: recently (March, 2020) posted what it calls a “comprehensive report on password manager software and devices, and how to keep your data safe from hacking.” Check it out!

Critical Exposure Picks Up Their Towers

May 17, 2013 Comments off


Adam Levner – the executive director for Critical Exposure, a DC non-profit – came by this past Monday to the MRC to pick up their 6 PPC Mac tower computers. He also left with two Canon Powershot cameras, an Ethernet hub and lots of cables, monitors, keyboards and mice.

We also wanted to mention their 8th annual spring exhibit this coming Wednesday that will show off all the great multimedia projects their students have created. Get more information at

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