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Free MultiMedia Resources for Recycled Computers

May 6, 2011

Recycled computers like the ones we work with at MacRecycleClinic have a wide range of software available for them. Manufacturers are slowly ending their support for the PowerPC platform (the CPU Apple used before moving to Intel) but thanks to the Internet, free software is abundant for our older systems. What’s even more exciting is that there are a growing number of online resources that let you work with your media for free. And best of all, they don’t care what computer you’re using!

This post will focus specifically on photo, video and audio resources given the great interest in multimedia these days.

Since many folks also work with PCs, I’ll include some links and suggestions here as well.

Note that in most cases Mac users should have the latest version of OSX that their machine can use (ask us for help if you don’t know). PC users will need at least Windows XP or (better) Windows 7 for these programs. Computers should have 1-2 GB or more of memory (try to max this out on older systems if you can – remember videos like lots of memory), and a 500 GB or higher internal HD (remember you have your OS and other programs on it too)  or better – an external drive (500 MB – 1 TB is a good size and relatively inexpensive –  AND you can use it to backup your computer)(You DO backup your computer, right? :)) .

Give us your suggestions as well and we’ll update this posting!

Video Editing Resources:





ONLINE Video Editors:


http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2010/06/edit-video-online-with-youtube-video.html (Edit video on YouTube!)


ONLINE Audio Editors:




FREE .mts (AVHC – HD Video) Conversion Software for the Mac

Software Monkey works like a champ.

I have to add this for you TIVO Owners:

Convert your .tivo files to .mp4 or other video format for editing.

FREE Photo Editing Websites

  1. FotoFlexer – The world’s most advanced online photo editor
    FotoFlexer is the most powerful online photo editor in existence. It can remove blemishes, change skin/hair color, morph photos and more! 100% free.

  2. Phixr – Online Photo Editor
    Phixr is an online photo editor, a free web-based picture editing tool. You simply edit your photos in your web browser. This makes Phixr the ideal photo

  3. Picnik
    Picnik lets you edit all your photos online, from one easy place.

Best free program to download and use: Picassa from Google will do much of what you need on Mac or PC. iPhoto is part of the iLife suite from Apple and also gets better with each version.

Prosumer Video Editing Programs

(I’ve provided links to some of the best known programs)
(Note that you can download and try many of these for free)


iMovie (PowerPC machines can run older versions of iMovie – look for older installation disks that included it before iLife came into being.)

Final Cut Express

Premier Elements


1. Corel Video Studio Pro X2
2. Cyberlink Power Director
3. Adobe Premier Elements
4. DVD Movie Factory
5. The Sony Vegas Studio Premium
6. Easy Media Creator
7. Pinnacle Studio
8. Arcsoft
9. Nero 9
10. Movieplus

Tutorials :

Honestly – I’d go to YouTube or similar site – there are any number of great tutorials on many of these programs that can be very helpful.

That’s it! Again please give us your suggestions and we’ll be happy to add them to the list here.

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