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Apple /// DVD Goes Public Domain

January 9, 2012

Folks – I’m happy to report that I’ve made my DVD full of information about the Apple /// computer public so that it can be useful to all. Talk about recycling and reusing! The Apple /// was Apple’s FIRST computer as a company. Designed to be a business computer with a new OS (SOS – not the Apple II DOS) it was too expensive, had many early problems and few programs. It lasted just a couple of years and despite an Apple remake it was discontinued in 1983.

That said, there was a real core group of users who continued to use the machine for literally decades – and there is still a dedicated group of enthusiasts even today – you can find them on FaceBook. Here’s a link to the archive.

We’re all “hobbyists” these days but many ///s continue to work and can still do basic things we all expect computers to do – word processing, email, spreadsheets and databases. For a long time, you could even dial in to the Internet to get info from Compuserve and other services that offered text-only access.

If you are interested I have also posted a series of video tutorials to my personal YouTube site (MRC doesn’t have one) – check it out here.

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