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How to Access Inexpensive Internet Service

March 29, 2020 Comments off
Thanks to Vecteezy for this graphic.
Thanks to for this graphic.

During this time of Covid19, the need for Internet service is more important than ever – especially as students (in many areas of the nation) must study from home. Luckily, a number of Internet providers have stepped up to help.

Thanks to for this article that discusses resources residents in the DMV (and beyond) can take advantage of. Note that Comcast and Charter-Spectrum are making their WiFi hotspots open and free to use as well. Verizon and RCN are currently not offering similar services (tho they offer a government low cost service – see below.)

Thanks to for compiling this list.

Get more information about Comcast Essentials (including opportunity to purchase an inexpensive computer) here. Montgomery County (Md.) schools (MCPS) is teaming up with Comcast so students have internet access using the Essentials service.

If you are in Spectrum-Charter’s area you can call 1-844-579-3743 to get more information and enroll in their low-cost service.

The federal government also offers (through Verizon, RCN and other carriers) what is called a “Lifeline Service” for low-cost Internet and phone services. Please check the website to see if you qualify and how to subscribe. Verizon’s page about the Lifeline Service is available here. RCN’s information about the Lifeline Service is here.

Note also that some counties – like Prince George’s County in Maryland – are starting to make free WiFi hotspots available. Information can be found here. Check online for what your service providers are doing to help you and your students get online. For example, here’s an article from the LA Times.

NOTE: If you have any updates on resources for families to access low cost Internet, please let us know at

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